Never Pay Full Price Again! 2021 Is the Best Year To Buy Everything You Need!

Frugal consumers know that seizing the moment means two things, it’s basically a double-edged sword. On one hand, you can cant advantage of steep discounts. On the other hand, you’re going to miss out on new and exciting releases. But with how fast companies churn out new products, do you really need the latest model of everything every year?

If the answer is no, then you have to know when to buy things and when to wait. For example, if you’re on the market for a new big-ticket item, then waiting for a new release and then buying an older model is your best bet.

Timing your decisions can make a big difference at the cash register. For that reason, today we’re going to look at when you should buy certain items and why!


The holidays have just passed, you’ve welcomed a new year! Naturally, it’s time to get ready for a few more shopping trips- this time for yourself and not just gifts to stuff in stockings.

Since new furniture models typically come out in February, now’s a good time to visit Target or Macy’s for affordable area rugs and living room sets. JCPenny also has white sales around this time, so make sure to grab towels and bedding from them.

Now is also a great time to shop for holiday items for the next holiday season, since they’ll be heavily discounted. Gym memberships are typically cheaper in January, but the coronavirus pandemic may have changed that this year. Still, be on the lookout for them, you might find a good deal!


As soon as Valentine’s Day passes, you can start stocking up on high-end chocolate. It’s pretty rare to find this type of chocolate on sale, but most stores will try to get rid of products that haven’t sold before the 14th of February, so now’s your chance!

Now’s also a great time to check out Best Buy and Costco for electronics, TVs and video game releases since they’ll still be heavily discounted after the holidays.

A lot of retailers will try to make room for spring fashion, so now’s the time to buy winter apparel for next year. Coats and warmer clothes, in general, will be cheaper, so make sure to stop by Burlington Coat Factory and Kohls.

A little known fact: President’s Day is a great time to shop for a new mattress, new towels, bedding, and linens. Additionally, you’ll find affordable tax-filing software in February.

Last but not least, if you’re on the market for a boat, this is also a good time to start shopping around!

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