10 Flexible Side Gigs to Make Easy Money for the Holidays

The holidays are upon us; the festive spirit is filling the air, children are making their Christmas lists and retailers are bombarding us with all sorts of holidays deals. With a year like no other and serious concerns about the year to come, you might need to cut some of your usual holiday spending.

But what if you don’t have to? What if you could earn some extra cash this holiday season and spend it the way you’ve dreamed of? The answer to having some extra dough in your pocket and enjoying a blissful, worry-free Christmas is taking a holiday side gig. Most of these seasonal jobs don’t require much experience and can even be performed without you ever leaving the safety of your house.

Without further ado, if you need extra money for the holidays, check out 10 of the best side gigs to boost your income and help you with holiday spending.

Take surveys to make some money

If you want to make some money for the holidays without leaving your house, taking surveys might be a good side gig to start with. Companies conduct market research on various sites to find out what consumers want, so your opinion will definitely matter. If you get paid for answering some questions while comfortably sitting on your living room sofa, even better.

On some survey sites, you can also make extra holiday dough from other online activities such as browsing the web.

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