10 Flexible Side Gigs to Make Easy Money for the Holidays

Try house sitting

If kids are not your thing, you could try house sitting. This might involve taking care of whatever pets the owners have or just water the plants while they’re away. It’s an excellent opportunity to make some holiday dough with minimum work on your part. Speaking of which, check out these 13 Beautiful Plants That Are Super Easy to Look After.

If you want potential customers to know about you, you can list your services on sites like MindMyHouse in exchange for an annual fee of $20. Other sites like Nomador can help you get free accommodation while traveling, in return for house sitting services. The money saved on accommodation will come in handy for the holidays!


If you are looking for opportunities to make some extra money for the holidays, you have plenty of side gigs to choose from. The important thing is to find the one that suits your best, in terms of working hours, rates and skills. Maybe you’ll even find something that you like so much and brings you enough money to turn it into something more than a seasonal gig.



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