10 Flexible Side Gigs to Make Easy Money for the Holidays

Put your car to work

If you don’t drive that much, your car doesn’t have to sit in the garage and gather dust. It could bring you some pretty money with minimal effort on your part. How? By renting it out.

There are many peer-to-peer carsharing companies and websites such as Turo, where you can set whatever rules you have for people using your vehicle, rental prices and so on. If you don’t want or can’t meet customers directly to give them the car keys, you can opt for contactless pickup and add a lockbox to your car, which can be accessed by future renters. Turo calculator can show you if it pays off to rent out your vehicle.

Another option similar to Turo is Getaround. The only difference is that with Getaround, your vehicle will have a device installed so that renters can access it with their smartphones.

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