10 Flexible Side Gigs to Make Easy Money for the Holidays

Decorate other people’s houses

As wonderful as holiday decorations might be, for some people it can be quite stressful or challenging to decorate their homes, year in year out. They might not have the time, energy or talent to turn their home into a winter wonderland and have no problem hiring someone else to do it for them.

If you’re somewhat skilled in making rooms look festive or you simply love playing with Christmas decorations, why not do some good Christmas deeds and get paid for it? You can start by listing your services such as Christmas decorating or event decorating on sites such as TaskRabbit. Also, inform your friends and neighbors that you can hang the Christmas light for them and perform other holiday-related tasks. If you have some photos of your previous decoration gigs, even better!

For inspiration, check out these 25 Secret Hacks To Get The Holiday Spirit Into Your Home!

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