Living in One of These 16 States? This Is Why You’re Struggling to Pay the Bills

We’ve all seen the news of how the state of New York and The Big Apple have struggled during this pandemic. Prior to COVID-19, however, the state was at a $118.2 million deficit. Each and every resident would have to take on a $17,200 tax burden in order to pay it all off.

The global health crisis has also put a lot of people out of work. As many as 2.6 million people are finding it hard to pay household bills while another 1.8 million would describe their situation as challenging when it comes to bills.

Worst of all, some 98,035 residents of the Empire State often don’t have enough to eat.


As many as 11.869 residents lost their jobs in Vermont due to the global health crisis since March 13, and another 8,964 strongly believe they’ll lose their jobs in the near future. All in all, 73,361 people are finding it difficult to pay their bills. Most concerning of all, 2,267 people have reported food insufficiency too.

But the Green Mountain State was in deep trouble before the Coronavirus too. In 2019, the state had a reported debt of $4.5 billion, meaning it would burden each taxpayer with $18,900 in taxes in order to pay it all off.

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