Living in One of These 16 States? This Is Why You’re Struggling to Pay the Bills


The Aloha State was considered by many to be paradise on earth, but even this state has struggled and is continued to struggle with debt. Prior to the pandemic, Hawaii was $16,1 billion in debt. Every taxpaying resident would need to pay $31,700 in order to get rid of the burden, but that’s not likely going to happen due to COVID-19.

20,907 individuals have lost their jobs so far, and even more, 21,280 expect to be unemployed within a couple of weeks.

What’s more, 175,326 Hawaii residents are struggling to pay their bills, while 11,686 households have reported not having enough food to eat.


The Coronavirus pandemic has left thousands of people unemployed, meaning that thousands of people are now struggling with their bills, usual expenses, and food.

In the Constitution State, 327,353 said they are having a hard time with household expenses. That’s on top of the 69,666 households who are behind on rent payments and the 113,409 homeowners who are behind on mortgage payments.

What’s worse, 17,709 people have reported often not having enough to eat.

Keep in mind, this is all on top of the state’s $67.4 billion deficit. Taxpayers would have to pay $50,700 in order to get rid of it.

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