11 Bizarre Things That Have Been Banned From the White House

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How many kids in your life have been fans of broccoli? Probably not many, and if they could ban the ‘vile’ vegetable forever, they probably would. But you probably wouldn’t expect the same amount of disdain for broccoli from the President of the United States.

Yet, that’s exactly what happened in 1990, when George H. W. Bush banned the vegetable from both the White House and Air Force One. Simply put, he doesn’t like broccoli- he hated it as a child, and when he essentially became the most powerful man in the world, nothing could stand in his way.

We can’t help but think about what fans of broccoli felt at the time. Well, we suspect they simply indulged in their favorite vegetable in the comfort of their own home, but we do wonder if they snuck in some leftover lunch when nobody was looking…


Oh, harmless balloons… how could anyone deny you? That’s exactly what happened when the White House opened its doors to visitors in October 2017. Visitors were asked to leave fireworks, knives, standard guns, and aerosols at home… Also, they were asked not to bring any balloons, presumably for security reasons.

In 2016, two days after a man was critically wounded by a security guard after he approached him and refused to lower his weapon, some stray party balloons found themselves floating over the executive complex. A couple of them landed, probably worrying the security guards that were already on edge due to the previous incident.

We can’t say for sure if these two incidents are connected, however, but they very well could be.

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