11 Bizarre Things That Have Been Banned From the White House

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The White House… Very few people are allowed inside, and that’s for good reason. And, naturally, there are also some items that you can’t bring in either. Some things make sense, such as chemicals, explosives, or firearms.

But you’d be surprised at some of the other items former presidents have banned from the White House. From food to different items of clothing, even to people, here’s a little lesson in history that the history books won’t tell you!

Personal Cell Phones

Quite a few jobs out there don’t allow employees to use their phones. A lot of the time this is for security purposes, though some employers also do this in order to limit their worker’s time on their devices so they actually focus on work.

Since January 2018, the same can be said about the White House. The Trump administration banned both staff and guests from having their personal phones on them in the West Wing. The reason? To limit the devices connected to the White House Wi-Fi and security reasons. However, insider sources say that they implemented the rule in order to limit leaks to the press.

On the other hand, the staff is allowed to carry their government-issued phones, they just don’t have texting capabilities. So, if someone in your family works there or is visiting the White House and they don’t answer their texts, you’ll know why!

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