9 Items You Will Never Be Able to Buy at Costco Again

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Be honest, how many times have you gone shopping with a list, only to later deviate? We all do it to a certain extent!

But what happened when the item on your list, that one product you’ve been buying from a store for months if not years, is suddenly gone from the shelves!? Panic ensues! Looking for suitable alternatives can take months, your household will never be the same…

But we all have to come to terms with the fact that sometimes, no matter how much we love a product, it might disappear forever. Costco shoppers know this all too well, which is why one piece of advice I can give you is to stock up on something you can’t live without before the warehouse club decides to remove it from its stock.

Today, let’s look at 9 such items that Costco decided to stop selling so that we can say a final farewell to our favorites…

Half-sheet Cakes

The half sheet cakes that Costco used to sell were a favorite among many shoppers. Whether you were celebrating a birthday, graduation, baby, or any other event, you knew the warehouse store had a delicious cake waiting for you at the bakery counter.

Nowadays, you could purchase 10-inch round cakes instead, which are still delicious, but we still miss those half-sheet cakes and we might need some time to get over this scrumptious loss.

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14 thoughts on “9 Items You Will Never Be Able to Buy at Costco Again”

  1. anne polkingharn

    We wish you would have frozen yogurt as you once had. Our Costco
    now only has ice cream. Yogurt is healthier. thank you. Anne

  2. I do not like the powdered gravy mixes you have now–Do not compare to what you used to have!! Also would love those bran muffins you used to have. Our Costco–need Instant Nescafe clasico coffee. Otherwise love my store

  3. Cage-Free Eggs. Did not understand that remark. I do not purchase cage free eggs – can’t afford them. You will continue to have eggs that are not cage-free?

  4. Kirkland decafe coffee has not been available for months. Are you bringing it back.
    Great coffee blend have not been able to replace with anything like it.

  5. Rosaline Rovang

    Both my husband and I miss the Guava Nectar (Grown Right). It’s wonderful. We truely hope Costco will carry it again. Thanks,

  6. PLEASE…. PLEASE …..bring back the 1/2 sheet cakes.
    They were SO affordable and SO GOOD

    Member of COSTCO since August, 1984 Ron McClung

  7. I hope that a “reacher” (to grab things off the floor) will be available to order on line. I have purchased about 6 from eBay, but they do not work as well as yours.

  8. Three items I miss:
    (1) Rothschilds Roasted Pineapple/Habanero Sauce.
    (2) The bakery’s Blueberry Muffins are not like they used to be. The ones I bought about 2 months ago were seriously lacking in blueberries (one muffin actually contained only ONE blueberry) and the blueberries were totally tasteless. These are the muffins that are sold as two packs of 6 (totaling 12 muffins).
    (3) This is an item from years ago, but I have never stopped thinking of how good they were: Martha Stewart’s Chicken Slab Pies (frozen).

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