11 Bizarre Things That Have Been Banned From the White House

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For more than 40 years, taking photographs while on tours of the White House was prohibited. This was partly because tourists would be found straying from their groups when they paid more attention to their phones and because the flash could damage artwork in the long run. Nowadays, powerful phone cameras can snap amazing pictures without the use of flash.

Michelle Obama announced the end of the ban in 2015, so don’t be afraid to take pictures if you’re planning on visiting the White House in the near future, just make sure to stick to your group.

A First Daughter

Only one first daughter could ever say she was banned from the White House so far. Alive Roosevelt, the oldest daughter of Theodore Roosevelt, made quite a name for herself for being outspoken. On top of calling Woodrow Wilson a “whey-blooded schoolmaster”, she also reportedly buried a voodoo doll in the White House lawn.

The doll? It was supposed to represent William Howard Taft’s wife, the first lady of her father’s successor. In the end, Alice Roosevelt was banned from the White House for two administrations after Theodore Roosevelt’s presidency.

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