11 Things Americans Just Can’t Get Enough of Since the Pandemic Started

Photo by Artem Oleshko from Shutterstock

By now, I think we can all agree that the coronavirus pandemic changed the way we live in many aspects of our lives. From being more aware of the unseen enemies that lurk freely on the streets and trying to combat them to keeping our finances in check, COVID-19 is the culprit of many things.

While some of them are good such as good personal hygiene, others are far from being acceptable. There’s also a neutral category. Due to the coronavirus pandemic and its consequences, people were forced to find other relaxing and fun activities to fight boredom. One of them is shopping.

Ever heard of shopping therapy, a.k.a. retail therapy? Maybe you do it without realizing it, so let’s find out what you’ve been buying more of due to the pandemic!

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