22 Items That Are NEVER Worth the Money

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New Car

No matter what type of car (sports car or family car) you choose, it will depreciate really fast. In fact, car buyers lose a fraction of the car’s purchase cost as soon as they close the deal. Rather than buying a new car, you should look for used cars. First, they are priced better and you’ll find more pieces of information about an older car than a brand new car. From safety to reliability and low maintenance, a used car makes more sense than a new one.

Bottled Water

On the useless purchases’ list, you can find bottled water, as well. Even when safe-to-drink water flows right from the tap of all American households, bottled water is still a multibillion-dollar industry. If you’re one of those who tend to buy bottled water, get rid of this habit. Besides, tap water might be safer to consume than most bottled water brands. For your peace of mind, you can always purchase a water filtration system that it’s less than $50 on Amazon.

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