Here’s What $100 Was Worth the Year You Were Born

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What you would have bought with $100: One band saw

A 12-inch band saw was advertised back in 1953. It was basically a saw with an endless steel belt selling for $69.25. In the same year, a power handsaw was selling for $43.50.


What you would have bought with $100: One bicycle

The J.C. Higgins 26-Inch Deluxe Model Bicycle was selling for $59.95 back in 1954. However, you also had the possibility to buy two bicycles for under $100. For instance, the Balloon Tire model was only $39.95.


What you would have bought with $100: Six pairs of shoes

Based on an ad from Young’s that showed up in The Star Press out of Muncie, Indiana, a new pair of Jane Miller pumps was selling for only $14.95 in 1955.

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