We Spent HOW Much in 2020!? YIKES!

Photo by GaudiLab – Shutterstock.com

When the Coronavirus pandemic found its way to the U.S., we knew pretty quickly that our ways of living would change radically. But how many of us anticipated such a huge shift in the way we spend our hard-earned money?

While lockdown orders were put into place, the population’s need to purchase goods did not dwindle. That’s why we saw online shopping skyrocket. The first quarter of 2020 saw American consumers spend $160.4 billion online, the second quarter saw an even bigger increase with $211.5 billion spent on online retail, and the third quarter also reached $209.5 billion.

But while you know what you’ve stockpiled, have you ever wondered how your fellow Americans have fared?

Today, we’re looking at how much we spent in 2020 and on what, more precisely. So, click through to find out more and let us know if you plan on spending less money on these things in the comments down below!

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