13 Things You Should Never Skimp On Quality To Save Money

Toilet paper

The 2020 coronavirus lockdowns and panic-buying left a surprising shortage of toilet paper. People did not know how long they would be staying inside their homes, so they made sure they got all the basic items in ample amounts. At that point, it didn’t matter which kind you got as long as you could get your hands on it.

But in normal circumstances, spending your money on low-quality toilet paper is like throwing it down the drain. That’s because cheap toilet paper runs out easily and you’ll only end up needing more, thus spending money again.

In addition, cheap toilet paper has fewer fibers and is not as thick, which will only leave you in a messy situation…literally, says Kendal Perez, a savings expert. This is one product you really want to be up for its job.

What to do

Instead of going for cheaper products, thinking it will save you money (it won’t!), try higher quality ones. You will use less because it will do the job right from the very beginning (or better said, from the first sheet). You can find good deals if you buy it in bulk and save up to 30%, says Perez.

Toilet paper coupons at sites such as Coupon Sherpa can also help you save some bucks.

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