13 Things You Should Never Skimp On Quality To Save Money

Car repairs

Since we’re on the subject of cars, let’s talk about the dreaded car repairs that everyone is trying to avoid like the plague. You may want to postpone certain car repairs for as long as possible but there are some repairs and items that you should never skimp on as you’ll only make it worse for your car and budget, says Nicole Firebaugh, manager of Preventative Maintenance Repair in Marion, Illinois.

She suggests shopping around before actually buying the car parts that you need, to make sure you purchase the proper ones for your type of car.

What to do

“Putting the wrong types of materials in your vehicle can cause parts to go bad quicker or cause damage to other parts,” Firebaugh warns. Additionally, you should check out the warranty on any product you purchase. “It might be an extra $50 to have five more years of a warranty, but that is five more years your part is covered. Just be sure that you research what the warranty actually entails, so that you do not get in even more trouble down the road.”

Finally, don’t avoid going to a mechanic just to save money.

“Even if you have seen the YouTube video or gotten advice from your local auto store expert, some things are better left to the expert,” Firebaugh said, adding that many mechanics will provide a warranty for parts and labor, so you’re covered if anything goes wrong.

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