13 Things You Should Never Skimp On Quality To Save Money

Safety gear

There’s nothing more important than safety…yours and that of your family. Therefore, no money in the world should matter more than that. Skimping on safety products and choosing the least expensive ones is definitely not something you should consider, especially when such products can be downright dangerous.

For instance, safety helmets can prevent brain injuries and even save your life in case of an accident, says Julie Rains, road cyclist and founder of the blog Investing to Thrive.

What to do

“I had friends who hit their heads on the pavement at 15 to 20 miles per hour and walked away from crashes,” Rains recalls. She suggests buying safety gear from specialized shops, that way you can choose the ones that fit you best and are also given instructions on how to put them on properly. You can find good bicycle helmets, for instance, at very good prices; you don’t have to rob a bank to buy the latest models.

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