12 Cheapest Small Towns to Live In the United States

Martinsville, Va.

Cost of living: 15.2% below national average

City population: 12,852

Median household income: $34,371

Median home value: $87,700

Unemployment rate: 9.8%

Martinsville is quite popular among car race fans, as it is the home of the Martinsville Speedway, which racing enthusiasts simply adore for its adrenaline-pumping twists and turns.

Apart from this NASCAR fame track, Martinsville is also a manufacturing town, with major companies such as Eastman Chemical (EMN) and Monogram Foods being among the main employers in the area. Its suburban feel but also inexpensive housing costs, 32 percent below the U.S. average, make it a very affordable place to live. Add the 6 percent cheaper gasoline gallon to the list and you’ve got all the more reason to choose this small but budget-friendly town.

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Small is big with this next town…..

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