5 Strange And Eerie Sounds That Remain Unexplained

Image By Anna Jedynak From Shutterstock

The Havana Syndrome

Our previous entry was a loud booming noise emanating from the heavens, and apart from scaring the bejesus out of pretty much everyone that heard it, it was largely harmless. This last entry, however, is anything but harmless and way closer to home than we would like. First reported in August 2017, United States and Canadian diplomatic personnel and embassy staff in Cuba said that they had been experiencing a variety of health problems as far back as 2016.

They said that it all began when they started hearing a persistent vibrating sound, with some likening it to the sound of driving with the windows down. The symptoms they were experiencing ranged from a loss of balance to headaches to nausea and even memory loss. Experts were quick to suggest that the staff members had been exposed to some sort of sonic device that could produce sound waves below and above human hearing.

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