5 Strange And Eerie Sounds That Remain Unexplained

Image By Zwiebackesser From Shutterstock

The Trumpets in the Sky

Although this next strange sound might have many believing it is a modern phenomenon, the loud trumpet blasts, the sound of cannon fire or as some have described it, an eerie groan, people all over the world have been hearing bellowing from the heavens, has actually been recorded several times in the past. It was reportedly heard on an Adriatic island in 1824.

However, the recent spate of booming horns in the sky heard in the US, Sweden, Mexico, Slovakia, Italy, Brazil and Argentina (to name a few) have many of a religious persuasion believing that it is angelic heralds blowing their celestial trumpets to notify the world that the apocalypse is on the way. With the recent global pandemic, it’s easy to understand why.

While there is no scientific consensus on what, exactly, that phenomenon is, many hypotheses have been put forward, none of which have angelic connections. One of the main theories is that when the tectonic plates of the outer most shell of our planet (known as the lithosphere) grind together, the vibrations might occasionally result in sound.

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