20 Ways You’re Throwing Money Out of the Window Without Realizing It

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Money mistake no. 3: Paying full price for gas

We know… gas prices aren’t that high right now, but still… You can save some money by using rewards credit cards every time you’re filling up the tank. Each ride will cost less, allowing you to put more coins in your piggy bank.

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However, don’t forget to pay off your monthly balance in order to keep clear of late fees and interest charges. Another money-saving trick is using the GasBuddy app. This way, you’ll find the best gas prices in your neighborhood.

Money mistake no. 4: Paying checking account fees

First, check your bank’s policy when it comes to checking account fees. Most banks don’t have monthly fees for their new customers, but as soon as your status changes, you will be charged as much as $12 every single month.

Just read the terms and conditions to make sure no fees will appear. If there’s virtually no possibility of getting rid of checking account fees, change the bank.

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