These Have Got to Be the Best and Strangest Employee Perks!

Propellernet: Dream Balls

Dream balls may sound like a kid’s toys, but they’re far from it. Propellernet, a company from Brighton, England, has decided to help dreams come true with this innovative idea, and it’s a win-win situation for both employees and the company- here’s how.

Workers write down their dreams and insert them in a vintage bubble gum dispenser. When the internet marketing service hits or exceeds an expectation, a random ball is selected- hence the gum dispenser. Then, the company makes that wish come true. And don’t just think these are small wishes, like a new gadget.

One employee famously asked for a motorcycle trip across Africa while two other employees asked for tickets to the World Cup in Brazil. Now you can see why all employees give it their all, hoping that their dream balls will be selected next.

But that’s not all. Propellernet also implements something they call Fun Mystery, in which the company uses 5% of their profits in order to fund group classes, game nights, parties, massages, and more!

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