These Have Got to Be the Best and Strangest Employee Perks!

Think Productive: Four-Day Workweek

Back in 2011, Think Productive decided to apply one of their productivity trial runs to their U.K. based teams by offering employed four day weekends. For some, this may sound like a massive waste of productive time for the company, but Think productive actually proved that this approach was better. Could you imagine only working three days out of seven!?

Well, as it turns out, after measuring productivity, the people behind this ingenious move discovered that stress levels dipped among employees, while productivity stayed the same. Workers still got the same amount of work done, but they were much happier and felt significantly more fulfilled.

After the initial trial run, there was nothing stopping upper management from making the permanent switch, and that was exactly what they did. Workers also claimed that their are much better equipped to divide their work.

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