10 Benefits Of Lemons That’ll Surprise You

Photo by Seva_blsv from Envato
  • …But also great skin! – Because lemons are naturally antiseptic, they can be very good in treating skin problems, like acne or eczema. Also, some believe that lemon juice can prevent wrinkles and therefore be used as an anti-aging remedy.
  • Prevents blood clots – There’s a 2014 study that shows how lemons have an anti-thrombin component, which was shown to prevent blood clots in rabbits. The study suggested that it might have the same effect on humans, as well. The anti-thrombin properties of lemon can also regulate clotting after an injury, and prevent excess blood loss in humans.
  • Lemons are good for asthma sufferers – Bet you didn’t know this one! Not only are lemons great for everything we listed above, but also they can relieve respiratory problems, including asthma. Plus, the high vitamin C levels in lemons can definitely help the body to function in the proper way!
  • Reduces Corns – Corns and callouses are huge issues for many people. The more we age, the more these hard lumps of skin can appear on our hands and feet. And not only they are ugly, but they can also be painful in some circumstances. But some are using this unconventional method against these lumps: they put some lemon juice on corn to painlessly dissolve it. And it works, because of the acidic nature of lemons and the levels of citric acid that breaks down the hard skin structure.
  • Say goodbye to throat infections! – Naturally, when we’re having a cold, we drink lots of tea with lemon. But have you ever wondered why? Well, lemons have antibacterial properties that fight the infection.
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