6 Smart Ways to Cut Your Energy Bill in Half

Photo by THPStock from Envato Elements

6. Change your laundry routine

Make sure that your washer is full of cloths before you push the start button. You should also use lower-temperature settings when possible–this way you will save a ton of money with no effort at all (we assume that your fingers won’t hurt after pressing two buttons or so).

Changing your laundry routine implies a lot of things. Despite being aware of what your washer can do, you should also try to dry your clothes the old-fashioned way rather than using your dryer. Did you know that air drying your clothes increases their lifespan? No? Well… it has been shown that most clothes get damaged in the dryer.

So why not try air drying them instead of using the dryer? It will save you a lot of money, especially if you like buying expensive clothing.

Out of clothespins? Here are some options!

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