You Should NEVER Put These 9 Bills on Autopay! (Here’s Why)

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1. Cellphone Bill

When you opt for an unlimited cellphone plan, you know that your cellphone bill will never vary. In this case, setting up automatic payments is a great idea, but you don’t have an unlimited cellphone plan, you don’t know how much you have to pay, since the bill always varies.

For instance, if you owe more in one month and you forget to check your cellphone statement, this will translate to bank fees. Plus, certain cellphone plans have the billing date based on the number of days in a month.

Pro tip: If you want to set automatic payments, make sure to check your cellphone bill first. You could spot some billing errors that could save you some dollars.

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2 thoughts on “You Should NEVER Put These 9 Bills on Autopay! (Here’s Why)”

  1. I would add insurance bills: I had been automatically renewed each year, then one year they didn’t renew me and I didn’t know till I called for a tow truck. I remember I had planned to call them to ask them to send a new card but unexpected life events can get you distracted. Thankfully, I didn’t find out by having an accident. Unfortunately, they charge you more when you’ve had a lapse, even if it’s partially their fault.

  2. Be aware of flat rate cell phone services. The plan I’m on is a no contract monthly plan but hidden in the fine print is the fact that a month consists of 30 days. The bill payment does not pay out on the same date every month when there is 31 days in a month.