These 5 Debts Are Not Insignificant! Here’s How They Can Affect Your Credit Score

Gas and Electric Bills

Many people that move to a different area make the mistake of forgetting about their gas and electric bills. Caught in the process of packing and then unpacking everything, settling down, you could risk missing payments.

If you update your address with the post office, service providers can still contact you. The same goes if you keep the same phone number. Just make sure to pay up any utility bills before you move and you should be in the clear!

Mobile Phone Service

You might think that the worst thing to come out of being cut off by a mobile phone service provider is your inability to stay in touch with the world. This could essentially brick your phone- no more texts, calls, no internet except for Wi-Fi WiFi, no maps, and no other services that you use daily.

But worse things could happen, trust us. If you don’t pay your bills, this could affect your credit score. Instead of settling for a hit, try to settle a debt for less than what you owe. Of course, paying in full is the best option, but if you can’t, try to pay whatever you can first and foremost.

Whatever you do, try to avoid getting sent to collectors!

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