These 5 Debts Are Not Insignificant! Here’s How They Can Affect Your Credit Score

Storage Units

Did you know that the self-storage industry made $39 billion last year alone?

If you stop paying for your unit and hope to keep your stuff, you’re not in luck. Companies will auction off the contents of your unit without a second thought. The worst part is that if your belongings won’t cover the cost of the debt, you’ll still have to pay the remainder.

So you’ve not only lost your items, but you still owe money. It’s better to pay up while you can or take everything out of storage before it gets to that stage.

Cable and Internet

You might think that unpaid cable and internet bills won’t really affect your credit score, but they actually can hurt you in the long run if you don’t pay up. Many people have made the mistake of ignoring their cable and internet bills, thinking that these overdue payments won’t come back to kick them in the rear as hard!

If you want to avoid headaches down the line, try to pay your bills in time. If that’s currently not an option for you, make sure to contact your provider in order to come up with a solution!

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