These 5 Debts Are Not Insignificant! Here’s How They Can Affect Your Credit Score

Wrong Address

You may think you’re not responsible for a bill that is sent to the wrong address… But that couldn’t be further from the truth!

When you move, double-checking the information you update is crucial. Once your driver’s license is up to date, don’t forget to ensure that there are no spelling errors when you apply for a new line of credit- it happens more often than you think!

Whenever there’s a transaction that will result in an invoice, quickly making sure your address is written down correctly can save you money and a headache!

Bounced Checks

You may not think much about a check that bounced because these don’t normally lower your credit score. But the information is actually stored up. Instead of getting reported to Equifax, TransUnion, or Experian, these are reposted to Chex Systems.

Lenders will not only look at your credit score, but they’ll also look up your Chex Systems profile for any dents, which is where they’ll find checks that bounced.

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