20 Types of People Who Shouldn’t Set Foot in Ikea (Here’s Why)

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People who prefer small shops

Ikea’s showroom is definitely a kid’s dream since you have plenty of places to hide and lots of corners to discover, but for some adults, it could be really exhausting. Some people prefer small shops with a cozy environment, so if you’re one of them, Ikea is not the place. Those who visit Ikea usually spend the entire afternoon getting to the checkpoint.

If you really don’t like spending your free time between thousands of Ikea products, don’t go there.

People who want to be waited on

Used to interact with the stores’ staff? Forget about doing so while shopping in Ikea. While Ikea staff will always be prompt to answer any questions, good luck finding them. The best solution is to check their website for answers. In other words, if you’re more of a personal-shopper type of person, you don’t really belong there—the staff is busy with other things.

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