20 Types of People Who Shouldn’t Set Foot in Ikea (Here’s Why)

Photo by Maxx-Studio from Shutterstock

People who think made-in-USA products are better

Ikea is a Swedish company, and it’s proud of its roots. It shouldn’t be surprising at all that you won’t find any made-in-USA products while shopping at Ikea. Those who like Ikea have the opportunity to learn new things, as well. They can find Swedish phrases and words written on panels, discover contemporary Swedish designers and eat various Swedish meals.

If you don’t want to embrace a new culture, don’t go to Ikea; it’s definitely not for you.

People who aren’t tech-savvy or tech-dependent

The Ikea experience is also about technology. You can’t really shop smart without downloading Ikea’s app. Plus, Ikea offers many perks to its tech-savvy customers. That’s why we’ve mentioned the no-human interaction experience, and that’s why there are numerous computers throughout Ikea.

Everything is in there, you just have to look, so techno-phobics might find it hard to adjust.

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