20 Types of People Who Shouldn’t Set Foot in Ikea (Here’s Why)

Photo by Nina Firsova from Shutterstock

People who are on a diet

Unless you’re on a traditional Swedish diet, don’t go to Ikea; the food there is really tempting… Fika, for example, is like a Swedish tradition in which you chat over a delicious cinnamon bun and black coffee. Swedish meatball plates, braised pork shank, and hot dogs are all tasty but a nightmare for your waistline. Those who are on a diet are better off without an Ikea product.

People who want immediate gratification

If you think that Ikea is just a furniture store, you’re wrong. Ikea is not just a store, it’s literally a process. There are certain steps you should take to see the final results and if you want instant gratification, you shouldn’t set foot in Ikea.

Doing online research, entering the store, seeking the desired product, making sure you buy all the pieces for your “puzzle,” placing them in your car and then assembling all the pieces together is no easy task. Don’t buy ready-to-assemble goods if you can’t handle the process.

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