20 Types of People Who Shouldn’t Set Foot in Ikea (Here’s Why)

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People who are clumsy 

If geometry wasn’t your favorite branch of mathematics in high school, maybe you shouldn’t complicate things more than they are. Even though Ikea offers illustrated step-by-step guides and instructions, some people aren’t able to assemble the pieces.

Clumsy people shouldn’t purchase Ikea furniture either. They could easily lose small pieces or, even worse, destroy important pieces while trying to “solve” the puzzle.

People who live in walk-up apartments

Those who live in buildings without elevators shouldn’t set foot in Ikea. Why? Unless you have several pairs of hands to help you with the large pieces of Ikea furniture you just bought, don’t take the risk. Most Ikea items come in heavy boxes, which makes it almost impossible for one person to climb the stairs with them.

If you live on a higher floor and the building doesn’t have an elevator, hire delivery people or movers to help you.

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