20 Types of People Who Shouldn’t Set Foot in Ikea (Here’s Why)

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People who hate boasting

Well, you must admit it… Ikea does a lot. From having a sustainability strategy called People & Planet Positive (see the solar panels on their stores’ roofs) to promoting young designers and artists, Ikea is more like a community than just a furniture store. And well… we know all of that because there are signs everywhere!

Some would say it’s just informative, while others would call reasons to boast. Which one are you?

People who have hectic lives

We can all agree that not all of us are created equal; hence, some people are busier than others. People with toddlers, for instance, can’t afford to go to Ikea for obvious reasons, unless they are lucky for having their parents near them. People with limited time are better off without shopping at Ikea.

Literally, all Ikea trips take more than two hours. Some customers spend even more hours. Ahh, and those hours don’t include the time needed to put each piece together.

Ahh, and, by the way, here are 20 purchases most americans wish they didn’t make

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