15 Things To Remind You of Your Grandma’s Home

Photo by HC FOTOSTUDIO from Shutterstock
  1. Decorative plates – A wall full of decorative plates is very grandma-style. These plates aren’t made to sit on the dining table! Grandma’s collection is so beautiful, that it belongs displayed on a wall.
  2. A pie in the oven – Did someone says pie? Cherry, pecan, pumpkin, blackberry, peach – there’s nothing grandma couldn’t make. Isn’t it true that whenever a delicious and specific scent wafts from the oven, you instantly think of your Grandma’s special pie?
  3. A sewing machine – It could have been clothing for a baby doll, or a dress for a grandchild, or a makeshift cape for a superhero in training. Whatever the purpose, grandma knew how to do it.
  4. Werther’s Original Hard Candies – Who doesn’t love Werther’s? When we were little, there were dishes of them everywhere you looked, and they’re the one candy we can’t forget.
  5. Classic board games – When we were little, playing with all sorts of games was the only thing we could possibly think of (for some, this hasn’t changed). So it’s only natural that we had the most amazing and interesting games at our grandma’s.
  6. A cookie jar – The cookie jar our grandmas’ used to have was always full, and always open. Oatmeal raisins, molasses, chocolate chips, peanut butter, gingersnaps, whatever you could think of.
  7. Ornate silver – Do you remember grandma’s silver pattern? You might not remember the name, but for sure you still have some tactile memories of the engravings, grooves, and depressions of silver pattern you saw when you were visiting.
  8. Elegant linens – The most beautiful and elegant linens will always be in our grandmas’ homes. Period.
  9. Cross-stitched designs – You probably remember grandma’s old cross-stitched designs, that were hung on her wall or adorning the pillows on her sofa.
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