15 Things To Remind You of Your Grandma’s Home

Photo by ALEXEY DADANOV from Shutterstock

Other than that, we have to take a moment and remember grandma’s cooking as well. And because we’re already too deep in the barrel of melancholy, we made a shortlist of grandma’s favorite recipes:

  1. Potato salad – Who didn’t tried to make this salad just like grandma used to?
  2. Classic Italian meatballs – Nothing compares with grandma’s pot of steaming Italian meatballs with homemade sauce, and there’s nothing to prove it wrong.
  3. Split pea soup – Who’s still eating this with a bit of nostalgia?
  4. Pancakes – Those were the times when we first fell in love with delicious pancakes, and we can all agree it was grandma’s favorite way to spend Saturday mornings with us!
  5. Chicken parm with spinach – Truth to be told, nothing can beat this comfort dish!
  6. Chicken and dumplings – A classic comfort food, every time we eat this bowl we remember when our grandma’s used to cook it.
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