18 Online Shopping Scams That You Could Fall for at Any Moment

Photo by fizkes – Shutterstock.com

Outrageous Discounts

With so many options out there, retailers high and low are trying to get customers to buy from their websites. In most cases, that means they’ll have to offer discounts in order to secure a sale. But sometimes you may see some discounts that seem outrageous.

These ads may pop up anywhere on the internet, advertising discounts as high as 95%. Then, you go to order those items, put your information in and wait ever so patiently for your new favorite item to arrive. Only, it never will, because by then scammers will have all your information and they’ll have scammed you out of your money.

The best practice, in this case, is to simply look online for those same products and see what other retailers sell them for! This will help you determine whether that deal is legitimate or not.

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