18 Online Shopping Scams That You Could Fall for at Any Moment

Photo by wk1003mike – Shutterstock.com

Phishing Emails

It’s not just websites that scammers have gotten good at faking, it’s also emails. You could be getting an email from what seems to be a reputable retailer at any time, but these seem to be sent out with more frequency during the holidays.

These emails state that something is wrong with your order and redirect you to a website via a link. In other cases, you may have received a fake discount like this too. But no matter what the reason behind the email is, the effects of clicking on that link are always the same: you’ll download malware on your computer.

The easiest way to determine if an email is legitimate is to check the email address and to look for grammar mistakes. Poor spelling always gives these scammers away.

Finally, go to the trusted retailer’s website directly, don’t follow any links, in order to get to the bottom of your problem if there really is one.

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