12 Funky and Heartwarming Christmas Traditions Across the U.S.

Photo by Sergei Bachlakov – Shutterstock.com

Camden, New Jersey: The Santa Scuba Diving Show

During the Holidays, it’s normal to see people dressed as Santa EVERYWHERE! At the mall, down the street, on TV, any place you can think of. But would you ever expect to see a scuba diving Santa in an aquarium?

That’s exactly what happens in Camden, New Jersey. You and your loved ones can go say hi to Santa at the Adventure Aquarium, inside the Ocean Realm tank. Don’t worry, his sack of toys stays outside and dry as can be!

You and your kids or grandkids can snap selfies with him, write letters and then, obviously, feast your eyes upon the world’s tallest underwater Christmas Tree!

Sitka, Alaska: Celebrating on Jan. 7

One Christmas celebration? Why not two!?

If you travel to Sitka, Alaska, you’ll be surrounded by a robust Russian Orthodox community that celebrates Christmas on the 7th of January, so after your New Year’s party if you haven’t had enough and can’t wait for the next Holiday season, book your plane ticket!

The Selaviq, is held on this day because the Russians still use the old Julian calendar. The celebrations aren’t too dissimilar to what we’re used to in the rest of the U.S., however.

Churchgoers from a procession, following a wooden star. The symbolism? The journey of the Three Kings who followed the Star of Bethlehem to Christ’s birthplace. Afterward, you can expect hymns, gifts, and delicious food with the community.
Chimney Rock, North Carolina: Mountain climbing with Santa

Santa doesn’t exclusively spend his time at the North Pole, he’s also a fan of Chimney Rock, undoubtedly due to his love of climbing up and down chimneys during Christmas!

In North Carolina, where Chimney Rock is situated, Santa scales the 315-foot mountain before descending. At the bottom, Mrs. Claus will be found waiting for him alongside visitors, locals, and tourists alike!

He’ll also be welcomed with hot cocoa, cookies, and how could we forget lively holiday music.

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