12 Funky and Heartwarming Christmas Traditions Across the U.S.

Photo by NadyaEugene – Shutterstock.com

Medora, North Dakota: Celebrating Like Cowboys

Ever wonder how cowboys used to celebrate Christmas? Wonder no more by visiting Medora, North Dakota, during the Holiday season!

The Old Fashioned Cowboy Christmas is a festive gathering that brings members of the community and visitors together for dancing, drinking, and celebrating.

This is a great way to spend Christmas a little bit out of the ordinary while not giving up on any of the fun and embracing 10-gallon hats!

Great River Road, Louisiana: Having Bonfires on the Mississippi River

If you love a good bonfire then you’re going to love how they celebrate Christmas along the Great River Road, Louisiana. Between New Orleans and Baton Rouge, you’ll find locals piling up tinder and fuel in order to create huge bonfires, marking the banks of the Mississippi River.

The fires are said to light the way for Santa Clause, or, actually… Papa Noël, as he is known in French, a term also used in the Cajun region.

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