12 Funky and Heartwarming Christmas Traditions Across the U.S.

Photo by Rosemarie Mosteller – Shutterstock.com

Chandler, Arizona: The Tumbleweed Christmas Tree

There’s no shortage of creative Christmas trees in the world, but we have to admit, the one that residents of Chandler, Arizona put up takes the cake!

This city proudly displays a tumbleweed tree in the city center, all encased in chicken wire and coated with flame-retardant chemicals. The colorful festive lights add to the magic of this sight, which has been going on since the 1950s.

According to Atlas Obscura, they use as many as 1,000 dead Russian thistle bushes for their Christmas tree and, we have to admit, gathering them all and arranging them in this fashion is well worth all the effort.

Santa Fe, New Mexico: Strolling Down Farolito Walk

For a fairy tale Chriatmas, make sure you visit Santa Fe, New Mexico. Here, the Canyon Road is traditionally lined up with hundreds of small, sand-filled paper bags which are then illuminated with votive candles. Known as farolitos, these tiny constructions line up the Canyon Road Farolito Walk, bringing joy to both tourists and locals alike.

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