12 Funky and Heartwarming Christmas Traditions Across the U.S.

Photo by Albert Barr – Shutterstock.com

California coastline: Boat Parades

Decorating the front of your house is one thing, but decorating your boat is another.
On the Californian coastline, it’s tradition to head out and put festive decorations on your boat. Lights, inflatables, the likes! Top it off with

Christmas music at full volume and you’ve got an unforgettable festival.

Best of all, you can view this incredible experience at the San Pedro Holiday Afloat Lighted Boat Parade, Santa Barbara’s Parade of Lights, the Lighted Boat Parade of Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco among others, so you can either try to make more than one during one holiday season or plan out your Christmas holiday over the next couple of years with different festivals every year!

Crested Butte, Colorado: Skiing With and As Santa

If Santa’s not ascending and descending Chimney Rock in North Carolina then he’s definitely skiing around Crested Butte, Colorado. Around the Holidays, the Crested Butte Resort is the place to be if you like skiing, snow-blading or snowboarding, and pub crawls- the only catch? You have to dress up as Santa!

It’s a great place to enjoy both the spirit of Christmas and work out a little bit!

We also can’t help but think that getting separated from your group would be hilarious (maybe a little infuriating too) since everyone is wearing the same thing!

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