12 Funky and Heartwarming Christmas Traditions Across the U.S.

Photo by S_Photo – Shutterstock.com

Mobile, Alabama: Dressing Like Elves for Elfapalooza

And how could we forget the one place that is trying to dethrone Bangkok, Thailand, for the world record for “most Santa’s elves in a single location”?

The residents of Mobile, Alabama don’t want anything to do with Santa outfits come Christmas. Instead, you’ll see them walking around as elves for the annual Elfapalooza.

This event includes watching the classing Christmas movie Elf, Christmas karaoke, barrels of beer and wine as well as the ever-present cups of hot cocoa. Perhaps if you drop by during the Holiday season you could help them break that world record!

Bozeman, Montana: Ice Climbing

While warm places like Florida make-do with sand around the Holidays, chilly and charming Montana embraces the cold weather they have around this time of year.

In the town of Bozeman, people who love the great outdoors and aren’t afraid of heights, take part in the annual Bozeman Ice Festivals. You’ll be free to ice climb, but if that sounds a little too extreme for you, you could opt to just watch movies about climbing instead!

All in all, it’s a very active type of celebration, so make sure you’re ready to burn some calories after indulging in all the delicious Christmas foods you can get your hands on!

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