12 Funky and Heartwarming Christmas Traditions Across the U.S.

Photo by Sergei Bachlakov – Shutterstock.com

Kansas City, Missouri: Lots and Lots of Tuba Players

If you need a change from the Christmas music you’d been listening to for years on end, time to visit Kansas City, Missouri. Here, the Kansas City Symphony hosts TubaChristmas every year where they ditch the jingle bells for once!

Players of all ages and skill levels will deliver music unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. The event has even had as many as 500 players in the years past. All we can do is wish for them to grow in numbers every single Holiday season!

West Palm Beach, Florida: Meet Sandi, the Sand Castle Christmas Tree

If the weather doesn’t really allow for snowmen then it’s time to think outside the box. That’s exactly the sort of mentality the residents of West Palm Beach thought too, except they’re not sculpting snowmen but gigantic Christmas trees out of sand!

If you’re in the area, it’s definitely worth catching a glimpse (and snapping a few photos) of the 35-foot-tall, 700-ton sand evergreen sculpture. For even more Christmas magic, residents also blast Christmas music and add festive light fixtures to prove that you don’t need snow during the Holidays to have a good time!

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