15 Vintage Beauties We Can’t Take Our Eyes Off

4 Marilyn Monroe

There are many iconic pictures of Marilyn Monroe going around, but let’s shed some light on one that hasn’t gained the attention we think it deserves. A photographer from Life magazine seems to have captured the perfect moment in a celebration between three friends: Monroe, her then-husband Arthur Miller and Kermit Bloomgarden in 1958.

On the night that this event took place, they were celebrating several projects the two men had worked on since Miller was a playwright and Bloomgarden a prominent producer. Monroe is thus seen pouring her husband another drink and engaging in casual entertainment. Oh, how I wish I could have been a fly on the wall!

Though the photo shows a perfectly ordinary day in the life of Hollywood celebrities, it’s sad to say it didn’t really last. Monroe and Miller’s marriage only lasted 5 years. During their divorce, they cited ‘incompatibility’ as the reason for their separation.

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