15 Vintage Beauties We Can’t Take Our Eyes Off

15 Elizabeth Taylor

And how could we end our list without including the glamorous Elizabeth Taylor? Where should we even begin? Taylor wasn’t just an actress, she was a businesswoman and a humanitarian to boot, though she did begin her career in entertainment in the ‘40 as a child actress.

The American Film Institute even named her the seventh-greatest female screen legend! Taylor gained critical acclaim after her role in Giant, though it’s well known that the production wasn’t all rainbows and sunshine. First of all, she had issues with the film director George Stevens, who was adamant about breaking her will so that she’d be ‘easier to direct’. Later on, co-star James

Dean tragically died in a car accident and Taylor was forced to film any remaining scenes while grieving.
But despite the ups and downs of her career, she’ll forever be known as a legend!

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